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Rajmahal Pen Box

Rajmahal Pen Box

The box design was inspired by the remains of an old box and ancient quills found in a Rajbari (royal house) near Rajmahal. The design has been modified and thin dovetails added to both enhance its aesthetics and make for a sturdier design. The lid slides in a groove and the tray inside can be raised and lowered by two circular finger grips.

Rs 6,400

MRajmahal Pen Box

The thin handcut dovetails do not only make for elegance but also strong, timeless joinery that will survive the centuries. Your collection of fountain pens and other personal odds and ends you so cherish will find a fitting container in this box.

MRajmahal Pen Box
Your Personal Collection

The upper tray can hold several fountain pens even of the largest size while the bottom can store cartridges, refills and so on. Small ink bottles of about 30ml size could also be stored here. Size: 10 inches long, 6 and a half inch high and 5 inches wide.

Pen Rest
Pen Rest

The box comes with a pen rest. (Fountain pen not included)



Made from American Ash and African Padauk



10 inches long, 5.5 wide and 5.5 high.
Handcut dovetails, grooves and rebates.



The Shellac finish will age and the item will acquire
its own unique patina over the years of handling at your desk.

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