The source of fine boxes, clocks, cases and bespoke pieces for discerning ladies and gentlemen

Indranil Banerjie makes handcrafted boxes, clocks and cases which are designed and built to last generations.

Indranil Banerjie

Designer, writer and maker

Journalist & Woodworker

Indranil Banerjie is a journalist and woodworker based in Greater Noida, India. He has spent a lifetime writing on various subjects. During the last decade or so has been making wooden boxes, clocks and cases for discerning ladies and gentlemen who love wood and seek a touch of elegance in their homes.


Banerjie also writes a popular blog on woodworking in India and has a Youtube channel on the same. He has hundreds of followers on Youtube and his blog:


Harnessing the natural beauty and durability of wood
To create objects that will last generations
Exclusively for those who appreciate the splendour of natural wood
And fine hand-made furniture
Classic Heirloom quality, hand-made objects
Of Wood, leather, brass, horn, crystal and silver


Indranil Banerjie makes all his pieces by hand, using both hand and power tools.

Unique Designs

He designs his own obejcts and each is unique, utilitarian and beautiful

Heirloom Quality

The methods of construction used - dovetails, motise and tenon joints, rbates and so on - the design ensures they will last a lifetime and more.

Affordable Pricing

I price the items reasonably because the creative process is unstoppable and it is more important to just make than merely make money.

About Indranil Banerjie's work and website

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Greater Noida, UP 201306


Phone: +91 9811772462