Product Types

Heirloom Creations For those Ladies and Gentleman who love Wood and Elegance

We make bespoke or limited edition items. Here we list a few products that are in great demand and those that we make frequently. The pieces currently in the works or available for sale are listed in the orders page along with their tentative prices. This page is intended to provide examples of our product types. The gallery page lists our older works and those that have already left us. You could also contact us for special pieces and prices.

Tea Caddy

Tea Caddies

We make a variety of tea caddies using tropical and Western hardwoods. These caddies have smaller boxes inside them for storing tea and trays for spoons, sachets and so on. They are available in a variety of designs.

Ash Clock

Mantel Clocks

These are solid wood clock cases with brass ornaments and inset clock dials. They are made of various species of wood and with different ornaments and embellishments. 

Konark Clock

Konark Clock

This type of mantel clock is inspired by the famous Konark Temple in eastern India. The Konark wheel emblem in brass is placed below a brass dial behind a glass door. 

Pen Box

Pen Boxes

We have designed a few select boxes to store pen collections and other items of personal stationery. These make for a lovely addition to the desk.

Cutlery Case

Cutlery Case

This is a line of special cases designed to store cutlery and your silverware. The inside has a leather or faux leather lined drawer with compartments. Available in different tropical hardwood exteriors

Wall Cabinet

Wall Cabinet

We make various types of wall cabinets and cases from selected timber. These are of varying sizes and shapes.

Our product range could be divided into four broad categories

* Boxes, caddies and cases of various designs, each intended for a specific purpose. We define cases as boxes that are portable - jewellery case, cutlery case, wooden suitcase and so on. Caddies are boxes with compartments and smaller boxes within them - mainly for storing tea.

* Clocks - chiefly mantel clocks of various designs where the wooden clock case is embellished with brass and other ornaments. Most clocks come with high quality quartz movements though we are perfectly happy to insert a mechanical movement on request.

* Cabinets and show cases for mounting on the wall, a table or on a stand. 

* Miscellaneous items including tables of various sorts, dining server and other odds and ends desired by our special clients

Your most treasured objects require
the finest settings even when in storage.
Our range of fine handcrafted boxes are
incomparable. These caskets contain trays inside them are made from a variety of woods that determine their prices.

Padauk Jewellery Box

Handcrafted heirloom

Padauk Jewellery Box
Gift Boxes

Make a difference in your gifting, especially
for those you care. These handmade items will last
a lifetime or more - and ensure that
relationships remain as enduring

Gift Boxes

Objects of desire

This is a tool chest made with dovetails
and classical joinery to produce
a robust bulletproof chest that
will last for decades

Tool Chest

Classic form

Tool Chest
Rajmahal Pen Box

Beautifully crafted objects add to
our wellbeing, especially in these times
when we have to spend more time with ourselves

Rajmahal Pen Box

Tribute to the past

Add elegance to your dining experience
with this timeless piece which stores
your best cutlery

Sahibganj Cutlery Case

Family Silver

Sahibganj Cutlery Case
Vizhagapatnam Clock

Clocks modelled after pieces made for Europeans
during colonial times on the east coast
of India in various settlements near ports

Vizhagapatnam Clock

Elegance on the desktop

Every clock we make is different
and all are handcrafted. This popular
series is made from the finest timbers
and fitted with high quality quartz
movements. We also provide high quality German Hermle mechanical clock movements on request

Konark Mantel Clocks

Limited Edition

Konark Mantel Clock

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