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Vizhagapatnam Mantel Clocks

Vizhagapatnam Clock in Ash

The East coast of India witnessed the establishment of a number of European trading settlements since the 18th century. The demand for wooden furniture and other wooden objects was high as it was expensive to cart items all the way from Europe to India. Local artisans were called upon to make products based on European designs. Vizhagapatnam was one centre of excellent craftsmanship. Simple clocks were made in this area which were then embellished with Indian inlay work. Ours is a simplified design from that era.
The photo on the left is of the clock made in American White Ash stained with colonial Maple (Rs 8,200). [SOLD] Available on order.

Rs 8,200

Vizhagapatnam Clock in Teak

The Vizhagapatnam clocks all have inset clock movements which determine its overall appearance. It does not have a front door but has one at the rear.
The photograph on the left is of one made from CP Teak and other Teak varieties; finished with Shellac.

Rs 7,300

Vizhagapatnam Clock in Ash 2

The price of these clocks depends largely on the variety of wood used and the quality of the clock insert. Virtually any wood can be used. Clock inserts made of brass or steel could be ordered as per actual costs.
The photo on the left is of the clock in American Ash.

Rs 8,200



CP Teak, American Maple, Sapele, White Ash and Sheesham



15 inches high, 11 inches width and 4.5 inches depth.
Clocks are put together with rebates, grooves as well as small mortise and tenon joints.



The choice of finish is Shellac but for a more enduring and easy to maintain finish we would recommend polyurethane.

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